Alpha executive wedding and planning

Alpha Executive Events team is ready to make your wedding, Anniversary, Birthdays and all events memorable.

We are experienced Event planners and delivery partners with a vast knowledge in the industry and a number of service providers from the UK and locally.

We plan your entire event from  catering, decorations, Public address systems and all for the success of the event. All you have to do is contact us and show up to the event which will look exactly as you dreamed it to be

We make sure your big day remains in the hearts of many

We plan to achieve dream excellence with budget not being the limitation in delivery. We ensure that your wedding leaves a legacy as the most successful and beautiful. Our UK consultants will ensure we deliver your Kenyan wedding as per the standards

We organize everything:

  • Cake
  • decorations
  • tents
  • chairs
  • food
  • logistics
  • uniformed police
  • Secret service
  • Packing and control
  • Photo shoots + video coverage
  • coordination
  • Public address systems
  • Master of ceremony

etc…. you only need to show up in your own event.

Birthday events management Alpha Ex
Birthday events management Alpha Ex

We are all heavenly beings and remembering when you were brought to this world needs to take you to the theme of love and greatness as you grow to greater responsibility. We make that event the most magnificent that you will always ask for more each year. Together we make it happen

funeral management Alpha Executive
funeral management Alpha Executive

It is sad to see our loved ones depart from us. Alpha executive will be there to offer support and organize the whole event and sendoff . You can have time to heal as we run the entire event. from taking care of the guests, ensure they have meals and a place to rest during rain and sunny moments. In our hearts the departed will always remain

Indiscriminately, We are the best in the market with quality and quantity to ensure you come first. We be by your side in all events

  • Religion
  • House warming
  • Baby shower
  • Friends party
  • Celebrations
  • Graduations
  • Circumcision
  • homecoming
  • Political

You name it… Alpha executive will be there with you.

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