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Agribusiness Training

We believe that Agriculture is the backbone of our nation, and this has led us into human training on the different aspects of Agribusiness to enhance the livelihoods of each one of us. We train and deliver agribusiness workshops with result oriented outcomes

Project Planning and management

We understand that your organization needs to run effectively, We have an outstanding team ready to deploy your project per the deliverables, we perform a need analysis of the projects, deliverables roadmap, Monitoring, and valuation as we walk with you throughout the cycle of your project

we work directly with churches, NGOs, private companies and individuals

Recruitment and On-boarding

High turn over has been attributed to poor recruitment strategies, lack of training and capacity building to the team. We ensure to provide the best recruitment solution based on accuracy of  the need. The employees are trained on job skills before being released to the actual job. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships

Clients with the need to impact the community  have a chance to partner with us. Our strategic team evaluates the impact of the CSR and works alongside your team and partners to ensure proper launch of the activities. This is not limited to visiting orphanages, keeping the environment clean, education sponsorship, tree planting e.t.c

Corporate training

We offer tailor-made corporate training in a wide area of industry. This is not limited to employee motivation, service delivery approaches ie customer care, Training of trainers, sales training, S.E.O, online marketing, client management and business development.

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Why choose Alpha Ex

We are a Top Training Company

since the beginning, over 400 people have been trained on the job skills at Alpha Ex. These skills are proven to produce the greatest gains in  performance. Alpha Ex has been recognized by industry leaders and many business publications.

Tailored training solutions, delivered cost-effectively

In fact, we designed our programs and materials to be quickly and economically adaptable for any audience, without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the training solution.

Smart planning and execution around change

We take a broader, more holistic view of all of the factors that influence the desired changes, and help clients develop and execute the strategies and processes needed to implement these changes and ensure lasting results.

Customer Success

Advanced Valuers
Advanced Valuers
Nakufleet Sacco
Nakufleet Sacco
Ivory health
Ivory health
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Kenya safe homes

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